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Spanish Online Courses

We offer you a range of courses related to the Spanish language. These courses are directed towards both teachers and students of Spanish. For teachers, we have prepared courses related to Spanish didactics or aimed at improving knowledge of the language. Also, there are courses for students of Spanish as a foreign language (ELE).

The courses for students of Spanish are adressed to those who are interested in learning Spanish quickly. In all of the courses you will have the support of a teacher/tutor who can ask about any questions or doubts you might have and who can review your work and who can help you in learning the language.

All of the course contents are edited in English and Spanish to help you to understand the material. Also, you can communuicate with your teacher in Spanish or English.

You could find courses for improving specific gramatical questions, others for improving written skills and expression as well as Spanish courses for improving your oral communication contexts.

For Spanish teachers’ applicants, we have developed a specific course which deals with all the areas of basic knowledge related to Spanish didactics as a foreign language.

Our courses are easy to follow. To choose a course, you can download the contents which are presented in the PDF format. You can follow them at your pace but you will have a tutor who helps you with any questions or difficulties that you might have and evaluate your progress throughout each course.

Each course provides a student with a tutor, teachers of Spanish or ELE specialists, which will assist and help you anytime necessary. As you can see, besides the written part, the courses also include classes of tutoring by Skype, so that you can discuss topics with your tutor directly or simply practice the language.

Courses for Spanish teachers are the initiative of Schools & Courses S.L. We are closely linked to Spanish as a foreign language teaching and the organization of educative programs of internships in companies and linguistic stays in Spain and other European countries. We offer our services through our www.schoolsandcourses.com, www.closeteachers.com, www.europeaninternships.com.

Accredited diploma

At the end of any of these courses you will obtain an acredited diploma which you can download from the application or we will send it to you to your home address.
For that, it will be necessary to complete satisfactorally the activities and excercises which accompany the course and your tutor will have to aprove what you have learnt.

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