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Registration or enrollment

Enroll in any of the Virtual Classroom courses IHEL is simple:

Once we verify that payment has been made of course send you the access codes that allow you to start your course in the Virtual Classroom IHEL.

Payment methods

Myspanishcoursesonline.com offers various payment options for paying your corses. These options are convenient, safe, and secure, and some of them are free.

Bank Transfer

If you choose this payment method, once the transfer must send us by fax, e-mail or mail proof of payment gateway.

OWNER: Schools & Courses SL

BANK: Banco Sabadell
IBAN ES97 0081 7511 86 0001 0354 12
Swift Code: SBB BSABE

Payment by check or stub

The address to which you must send the check or bank draft is:

Schools & Courses SL
Carretera de Bóveda, Edif. 6
01427 Corro (Álava)

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