In these days of confinement that we have had to live, Instituto Hemingway wants to continue close to you with some didactic proposals so that you take advantage of this time.

We can encourage you to do the Written Expression Course. You will learn how to write a perfect work email in Spanish language, send persuasive messages through networks or write colloquially with your friends. Whatever your level of Spanish, the teacher will adapt to you and your needs to develop together theoretical and practical sessions to improve your skills when writing Spanish texts in any format.

As a student, you will receive didactic material that you will work on your own and carefully so that, later, you can ask all your questions to the teacher through the virtual classroom and solve the practical exercises that it includes.

The teachers will help you with enjoyable, casual and creative writing exercises so that you can have fun while learning to write like a real Spanish speaker.

See you in the virtual classroom!


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