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Basic Hospitality Course

Throughout this basic catering course we will give you the resources and tools to familiarise yourself with how the hotel sector in Spain functions. Hotels, restaurants, gastronomy, etc and we will try to update the essential aspects so that your work or practice in a hotel or restaurant will be successful. This course offers us the possibility to get closer to the hotel sector in a simple and entertaining way. We address many issues related to this sector from cooking techniques to traditions, through to Legal matters or marketing advice.

The course lasts for approximately 40 hours which is structured in seven teaching units, especially designed to help the student to understand the material. Each unit provides examples which facilitate the learning process, enriches the contents and helps you to understand the hotel sector.

The course is directed towards those who are interested in working in the hotel sector or for those who want to get experience or to undertake an internship in hotels or restaurants in Spain.

Basic Hospitality Course - Cost: 250 Euros

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