Hospitality encompasses a wealth of possibilities from working in restaurants and hotels, to bars and cafes of every kind! Hospitality skills are highly transferable and is a great industry for travelling and working abroad, as well as meeting new people.

If you would like to experience living and working abroad in Spain, our Basic Hospitality Course covers all the initial aspects of working in this field, with a special focus on Spain. It offers an array of insights that help prepare you for a placement or job, for example: addressing culinary traditions, cooking techniques and tourism in Spain, as well as guiding you through the specifics of working in all major types of hospitality establishment.

This course is available all year round, formatted through online teaching materials, self-assessment exercises and personalised tutoring. The course consists of approximately 40 hours of exercises.

Overall this course is aimed at those who have had little contact with Spain or Spanish culture previously, who are motivated and would like to work in the hospitality industry.

Key elements of the course:

In 7 units the course gives you a solid foundation of knowledge, understanding and skills before you begin working in Spain.

Unit 1 gives you an insight into Spanish culture and customs, from languages spoken to climate and sport, in order to deepen your understanding of this complex and culturally rich country.

Unit 2 aims to contextualise the development of the hospitality industry and the classification of different establishments within it, with a special focus on hotels.

Unit 3 provides a detailed overview of hotel departments, roles within them and how they function to bring about the complete hotel service.

Unit 4 focuses on restaurants, another key aspect of the hospitality industry, with an emphasis on food and wine combinations, as well as staff tasks.

Unit 5 turns to arguably the most fundamental part of hospitality, the kitchen. This section addresses culinary techniques as well as the functioning of different kitchen appliances and machinery, with a health and safety element.

Unit 6 addresses bars and cafes, including the wealth of beverages offered, as well as breakfasts and snacks. You will be provided an array of information on types of beer, coffee and wine to give you the ability to advise customers with confidence.

Unit 7 provides an exciting insight into the world of gastronomy in Spain, from popular dishes and tapas to the key elements, ingredients and customs of the famous Mediterranean diet.

Finally, attached with this course are a conversation guide to give a head start to Spanish beginners, a basic handbook for food handlers and a pack on denominations of food origin.

Overall, this course offers a fast-track option to develop professional skills in a booming industry, ideal for those wanting to undertaking an internship organised by Instituto Hemingway, Europeaninternships, business associations, or go onto to working full-time.


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