One of the most difficult grammatical topics in Spanish  is that of Ser and Estar.  However in Spanish courses this topic is sometimes not covered in sufficient detail.Students are often left  to study the difference between the two verbs on their own leading to confusions, misunderstandings and generalizations.

If only there was a  course which studied this topic indepth finally allowing students to fully understand and confidently use the verbs in their own oral communication. 

Fortunately  my spanish courses online has the answer with a course totally devoted to ser and estar.  However, students may think that  a course focused on just one grammar topic may become boring. The opposite is the case with my spanish courses online. The Ser and Estar course is only 25 hours long and is well structured with 5 modules based on the  Common European Framework.  

This variety will keep you interested in the course at all times and you will have the full support of a qualified teacher so that you are never left alone in tackling this difficult topic.

You can also work on the modules at your own  pace and  in your own time. This unrivalled flexibility means that you can combine this course with other Spanish courses from my spanish courses online   and you can fit  it round your daily activities.   

Often in Spanish classes the  level that this topic is taught at is either too high or too low.  Students may not be fully engaged in the lesson because they are bored or because they find the level too challening.

With my spanish coursese online you get to choose the level meaning that you always feel in control of your learning. Since the course uses the common Common European Framework  it also provides a perfect basis for students who want to study the DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) exams at all levels.

Often grammar books do not present enough exercises to help students to fully consolidate the rules on the use of these two verbs. Sometimes students have to spend ages searching the web for more exercises.

 With my spanish courses online the materials are of the highest quality and there are plenty of self assessment exercises so that you can really  get to grips with this essential topic.  The materials also dispense with the jargon common in several grammar books presenting clear  and structured explanations.

In conclusión, if you want a flexible, cheap  and fully supported course look no further  than my spanish courses online. Gradually you will become more confident in distinguishing between the uses of ser and estar correctly employing them in your own Spanish. Don’t hesitate to investigate our prices and sign up today.


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