According to the Instituto Cervantes, 495 million people speak Spanish,
it is the second largest global language in terms of speakers and it
is the second language of international communication.

This figure keeps on growing, both due to demographic reasons given that
the percentage of natives speakers is growing and also due to the
increase of students of Spanish as a foreign language.

At this rate, it is calculated that by 2030 only Chinese will be more
common than Spanish as a demographic of native fluent speakers and that
in three or four generations, 10% of the world’s population
will understand Spanish.

All those that like to study Spanish but appear to be limited by their
timetables of work or study, have the possibility to learn it online. At My Spanish Courses Online, we make available. There are many advantages:

-Flexible Timetables. You manage your time as and when you are available. You decide when you start and when you finish, without deadlines.

-The Virtual Classroom is simple and intuitive. One does not need vast IT skills to take this course.

-Qualified tutors, with teaching training and with extensive experience as Spanish teachers.
-Content which is based on the ‘‘Common European Framework of Reference for Languages’’ (MCER).

-The course is personalised. You will be able to decide
in collaboration with your tutor and based on your specific needs,
which areas you want or need to improve especially.

-Support material and consolidation material. Within our Virtual Classroom, you will be able to access also a library, a multimedia area and even a forum/chat feature.

-Certificate at the end of the course.

If you want more detailed information, have a browse at myspanishcoursesonline


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