Learning Spanish online is a good option for all those who can’t find the time to attend face-to-face classes, or for those who would prefer to learn from the comfort of their own home.

We are going to sum up the experiences of Rita; she has a wealth of experience as a face-to-face teacher, but she decided to reduce her working hours.

.- Why did you decide to work as an online Spanish teacher?

After my daughter was born, I decided to spend more time at home with the little one. Teaching Spanish online allows me to continue working.

.- What was your experience like?

Changing my mindset from face-to-face classes was difficult. But after a bit of practice, you forget that your students are thousands of kilometres away.

.- What are the advantages of learning Spanish online?

students seek flexible hours, that fit their needs and allow them to
carry on with their daily life. The student has all the materials
available to them on the virtual platform, but later the teacher can
prepare material for them and specific activities according to their
needs. The student also values the opportunity they have to learn with a
professional and qualified native teacher who can solve their doubts.

.- Any anecdotes to share with us?

My students receive visitors at home and they have to explain that they are in class with you at that moment; many would like to know you and introduce you to their parents, their children ... they are curious. You also realise how much more relaxed the students feel when they put on comfortable clothing and don’t hesitate to make themselves a cup of tea during class... as if they were at home ... which in fact is where they are.


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