Spanish has become one of the most spoken languages in the world. Which is probably why more and more people are learning the language. Hands down, doing a Spanish course in Spain itself is one of the most unforgetable and useful experiences you could have. But what if you don't have the time to come all the way to Spain?

Well have no fear, at My Spanish courses online we have created a new program of Spanish courses online, especially devoted to the most difficult parts of the Spanish language. With this new programme, you will definitely be able to learn Spanish easily and quickly. You won't even have to go anywhere special for the classes! And best of all, you can learn Spanish at your own pace without any time constraints!

If you find the Spanish past tense particularly hard, you should definitely check out our online course on this tricky subject to clear up any doubts.

The goals of this course are thus:
- overcome the most common problems that crop up in the use of the different tenses
- clear up common doubts about the choice and structuring of the tenses
- understand and reflect on the use of the different tenses
- pick up the necessary linguistic skills to communicately properly in the past

Take a look at the following link, some reviews about the “Past tenses in Spanish –online course

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