Before coming to Spain for my internship in Bilbao I felt a bit nervous, becausee I had never been working in a restaurant before. Also, I had been to Europe in the past but always only as a tourist and I had never lived there during such a long period of time.

The basic catering coursewhich I did before coming helped me a lot. I thought that it would be difficult to do a distance study, but with help of my tutor I did not feel alone and also I learned quite useful things. Throughout the course, I could get to know better topics concerning catering as well as I could learn more about the way of life in Spain, which helped me to adjust very quickly to all of it.

When I arrived to Bilbao, I felt calmer and more prepared. I was doing one month of Spanish courses before starting my internship. Even thought the first week was a bit more difficult, later on I felt more comfortable with the language, the city and Spanish customs.

During my internship in the restaurant, which took 6 months, I would work in different sectors. The first period of time was in canteen. Even though my Spanish was not perfect, clients would always be very comprehensive just like the personal that used to work with me. However, the truth is that the best months that I had were spent in the kitchen. I enjoyed knowing the place ´which you can’t see´ in restaurants, discovering Spanish gastronomy and learning all the little cooking tricks and many other secrets.

At the end, I can say that my internship in Bilbao turned to be one of the best experiences in my life.

Mary, Ohio


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