Our carefully designed online Spanish courses seek to overcome a variety of linguistic challenges presented by learning Spanish. However, all of our courses are founded upon the same key principals, through which we seek to make the assimilation of Spanish as a foreign language as rewarding, engaging and straightforward as possible.

Since the foundation of our Spanish school in 1999, we have fine-tuned our strategy, targeting the trickiest areas of Spanish as a second language and developing methods through which our students can overcome them. As part of our portfolio of online courses you will find, amongst other options, courses on the use of ‘ser’ and ‘estar’, the past tenses and prepositions.

However, our course in the Spanish subjunctive is one of the most demanded. Correct application of the subjunctive is fundamental to achieving DELE levels B1 to C2 in Spanish. It is a crucial element of being able to express yourself effectively and coherently in day to day situations and beyond. Our courses provide the learner with the support and learning resources they need to overcome the challenges brought about by the Spanish subjunctive. We give you the tools to master the application of this grammatical bugbear.

If you would like to enquire about our one of our courses, please send us an email here: info@institutohemingway.com

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