We can offer students a wealth of online Spanish courses, tailored to your preferences!

Our courses can help you boost your Spanish level; whether you are a beginner or a more advanced language learner, we can offer a package of resources and expert advice that can facilitate your goals and provide you with the foundations you need to progress.

Drawing upon 17 years of experience, we have all the knowhow and resources you could need. We are specialists in tackling the trickier concepts in the Spanish language, including; the subjunctive, the past tenses and ‘ser’ and ‘estar’ verbs.

Specialists in overcoming confusing/difficult aspects of Spanish as a foreign language

We also have courses that look to help you gain professional skills and strengthen your CV.
If you are looking to certify your Spanish level officially, you will need to undertake the DELE exam. The diplomas in Spanish as a foreign language (DELE) confirm your level of Spanish and are backed by the Spanish government. Since 1988, this qualification has been the principal measure of competency in the Spanish language.

This exam can be taken in any level recognised by the Common European Framework (CEFR); that is from A1 to C2.

We also provide courses in hospitality management.

If you would like to experience living and working abroad in Spain, our Foundational Hospitality Course covers all the initial aspects of working in this field, with a special focus on Spain. It offers an array of insights that help prepare you for a placement or job, for example: addressing culinary traditions, cooking techniques and tourism in Spain, as well as guiding you through the specifics of working in all major types of hospitality establishment.

You can view our full course selection here.

If you would be interested in bolstering your CV and broadening your professional skill set through any of our online courses, don’t hesitate to contact us: info@institutohemingway.com


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