Interested in certifying your Spanish level through passing the DELE exam?

The diplomas in Spanish as a foreign language (DELE) confirm your level of Spanish and are backed by the Spanish government. Since 1988, this qualification has been the principal measure of competency in the Spanish language.

We can offer a range of online courses for all proficiencies.

Our levels match those acknowledged by the Common European Framework (CEFR). This means our courses are 100% focused on achieving an internationally recognised qualification.

Unsure over the subjunctive, ‘ser’ and ‘estar’, prepositions or the past tense? These tend to be some of the most challenging areas of Spanish as a foreign language, in our experience. We can provide you with all the tools you need to prepare for the exam of your choosing. Moreover, our courses have elements of tutor and self-evaluation.

For just 50 euros you can take advantage of our DELE preparatory courses. Our courses are available all year round. The course will last approximately 20 hours and is split into 5 parts.

For more information on our courses click here.

For more on the DELE exam click here.


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