In this day and age more and more people are recognising that Spanish is one of the world´s most important languages and they are therefore deciding to sign up to Spanish courses. With this increasing demand there is also a need for more teachers ready to effectively explain the ins and outs of their mother tongue to willing students. Anybody can be teachers as long as they have the motivation and drive to succeed.

 However, perhaps on reading this the following questions immediately come to mind: Why me? Why should I decide to carry out a  Spanish Teacher Course? And above all if I decide to do a course why should I choose my spanish courses online? This post will aim to answer these questions:

Why me? Why  should I decide to carry out a Spanish Teachers Course

1.    Opening a new job window

Do you want a change of career?  Have you finished university and do you not quite know what to do? Have you  completed a gap year and you want to embark on a new adventure. If the answer to these questions is yes then a Spanish Teacher Course is perfect for you. No matter what degree you have done or what field you have practiced in if you have a C2 level(a native) in Spanish do not hesitate and apply for a Spanish Teachers Course.  After completing the course you will be able to benefit  for a wide range of new and exciting opportunities to teach Spanish. There are many Spanish language schools looking to hire new and highly qualified teachers.

2.    Work in a wide range of countries all around the world

A Spanish Teachers Course will not just open new employment windows in Spain but also in several different continents.  South America is the destination that immediately springs to mind but do not forget that there are many Spanish language schools throughout Asia, in other European countries and as far away as Australia. With a Spanish Teachers Course and a native proficiency you will be in a prime and competitive position to apply for Spanish teacher vacancies all over the world.

3.    A satisfying and fulfilling career
There is no better feeling than hearing students communicating correctly in a language structure that you have just taught them. It is no wonder that teaching is often listed among the top most rewarding careers.  See your students gradually become more confident in their productive and receptive skills and recognise that by sharing your language you are helping your students to become more employable and rounded individuals.

4.    Learn valuable transferable skills

There is no doubt that teaching will also allow you to develop and hone a wide range of transferable skills. You will build your confidence and communicative competence as you clearly explain gramatical rules on myriad of different topics to students from all over the world. This diverse range of nationalities will enable you to expand your cultural awareness as you interact with students from all over the globe asking them about their cultures and sharing about yours.

Why choose my spanish courses online?

All this may be well and good but I do not live in Spain or Latin America. How can I take advantage of a Spanish Teacher Course? This is where my spanish courses online comes in. There may be Spanish Teacher Courses in your own country but they may not provide the same high level of service. There are also several Spanish Teacher Courses online but in the second part of this post we will look at some of the reasons to choose a course with my spanish courses online.

1.    A complete course

A course from my spanish courses online does not just give an overview of how teach Spanish as a foreign language   it makes sure that you are fully equipped to deliver high quality classes. The two units not only introduce you to teaching methodologies and strategies which develop the students´communication skills but they also show you how to deal with errors in the classroom focusing on those which prevent students from adquiring language correctly.  

2.    An accredited course

My spanish courses online is a partner of SchoolsandCourses which is a fully accredited  organisation. This means that the  certificate you receive at the end of the course will be fully recognised by employers throughout the world.

3.    Native teachers with years of experience

All of our personal tutours are highly trained native speakers who have many years of experience in the education and didactics field.  They will therefore be able to provide you with authentic insights into the teaching methods and strategies in common use nowadays. They can give you real-life advice and tips to fully prepare you to enter into what can at times be a stressfull career.

4.    Flexible courses

Certain language schools may give you a deadlines or a limited period of time to complete your course. At my spanish courses online you are your own boss as you can start when you want and work at your rhythm. The fact that the course is online also means that you can fit it round your other commitments.

In conclusion we have seen in this article that a Spanish Teacher Course will enable you to start a new career which you might not have considered before and that this career will turn you into a more employable and capable individual and will allow you to fulfill your potential.

 Do not hesitate to contact us or  consult our website to find out more about the course.


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This course looks like very interesting, can you send me more information? I couldn´t find more info at your website, conditions, price etc. Thanks a lot

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