A few summers ago I was able to get the opportunity to travel around  Spain and to carry out a short internship in my friend´s hotel. This was my first experience in the hospitality sector but before I  started working I was not aware of the opportunity to do a Basic Hospitality Course with a company as well recognised as my spanish courses online.

Completing such a course would have provided me with several benefits which would have allowed me to really get the most out of my experience. 

When I arrived in Spain I originally found it difficult to integrate into the culture as I had only spent short family holidays with  there. The overview of Spanish society and culture provided by a Basic Hospitality Course from my spanish courses online would have enabled me to develop my cultural awareness and to appreciate and get fully involved in the customs and traditions which make Spain such a rich and diverse country. 

As well as fully enjoying the cultural opportunities available I also feel that I could have further integrated into the company. I found that I lacked a basic understanding of how hotels and the tourism sector function in Spain and I often had to learn on the job. A Basic Hospitality Course from my spanish courses online covers the functions of a hotel in detail and it would therefore have enabled me to enter the job knowing what to expect. I would have also felt less overwhelmed and stressed because I would have had an idea of the scale of the organisation before I started the job.

This course would also have helped me to build my confidence in carrying out my assigned tasks with increasing independence. Even when I had been at the hotel for quite a long time I still found that I needed to ask for advice from my collegues to carry out my receptionist and restaurant roles to the standards expected. If I had done  a Basic Hospitality Course from my spanish courses online I would have been able to learn about the restaurant and reception departments of hotels in depth so I would have been able to depend less on my colleagues. This would have allowed me to become a more valuable employee.

A Basic Hospitality Course
from my spanish courses online also covers a wide range of other topics relating to the hospitality sector. I was only able to get experience in two departments whilst I was in the hotel but if I had chosen to do a course before I went to Spain I might   have had the opportunity to take on roles in other areas such as housekeeping and cooking.

In conclusion I would really encourage you to look at doing a Basic Hospitality Course before you carry out an internship in Spain. A course will help to equip you with the skills and knowledge which you can then put into practice in a fully authentic and immersive internship.  I feel that if I had done a course I would have been able to fully take advantage of my time in the hotel.

If you are thinking about doing a Basic Hospitality Course but you do not know which organisation to choose I highly recommend my spanish courses online.

This fully accredited organisation provides a complete Basic Hospitality Course delivered by highly trained teachers who have developed high quality materials in association with experts in the hospitality sector. My spanish courses online is also a partner of European Internships who offer a specially designed Hospitality Management Program  with a wide range of positions  all over Europe.


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