Have you heard about the Basic Hospitality course from my spanish courses online? Have you done the course but you are unsure of what options are available to put into practice the skills you have learnt?

 In this post we will consider some of options you can choose after your Basic Hospitality course with my spanish course online.

My spanish courses online
is a partner of European Internships. This company has a  specially designed  hospitality management program  which will offer you  the opportunity to carry out a range of jobs in different countries in Europe. Spain is among the countries offered with a wide selection of positions including receptionist, waiter, chamber maid and bar assistant work. 

However whatever career path you choose you can be assured that this course will equip you with many different soft and transferable skills.

Primarily thanks to the course starting with an overview of the Spanish hospitality sector, Spanish culture and other important statistics about  Spain you will be able to expand your cultural awareness.   Throughout the course you will also need to use effective time management and organisation skills to carefully plan when you are going to complete the modules.

Basic Hospitality course from my spanish courses online will also allow you to gain experience with a lot of different hospitality sectors as the course covers hotels, restaurants, cooking, bars and cafes. New job opportunities  will open up many different areas of the hospitality sector and the skills you have learnt will allow you to meet the requirements of these positions and to stand out in the application process

Furthermore, you will build your basic communication skills  as you talk with your  teacher working out how to express yourself in authentic and idiomatic Spanish.

The Spanish language skills which you develop through interacting with a native speaker and by working with the modules and the Spanish language guide can also be  put into practice after the course in a totally immersive and authentic environment working in the hospitality sector in Spain.

If you want to study and gain knowledge of the hospitality sector in Spain in preparation for your future career do not hesitate to contact my spanish courses online to learn about our basic hospitality course.  If you have done a course with us and want to start working in this sector in Spain do not hesitate to contact us or our partner European Internships to find out the myriad of possibilities available.

The courses and internships offered by us and our partners are based on the principles of flexibility,good-value for money and quality so we guarentee to provide you with an unforgettable experience.


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