Nowadays due to the development in the internet and advancements in new technologies Spanish courses online are becoming more and more common. Furthermore, an increasing number of students are choosing this option as it allows them to fit learning Spanish around their busy schedules.

With so much choice it can be hard to decide which company to select. In this post we are going to examine some of the reasons why you should select a course with my spanish courses online?

1.     High-quality materials and a fully equipped virtual classroom

With some online Spanish courses students are provided with few resources to enable them to practice their Spanish in their free time.  Sometimes the resources are unclear and force the students to have to do their own research to understand complicated grammar topics.

With my spanish courses online this is not the case.  We provide students with an endless number of professionally produced materials which break-down complicated grammar topics to enable students to fully overcome the challenges of learning Spanish.

 A lot of these resources are provided through a fully interactive virtual classroom where students can directly contact their teacher. Through this virtual platform students can also engage in the self-evaluation of their progress through various exercises and they can improve and expand both their receptive and productive Spanish skills thanks to myriad of reference books, topical news articles and multimedia resources including videos.

All the course materials are freely downloadable from the students´personal area making it even easier to complete the course where and when you want. 

This wealth of materials available at your fingertips is just one of the reasons  why a course with my spanish courses online will really help you to start becoming more fluent in the language.  The course content is provided in both Spanish and English so the language barrier will not prevent you from benefitting from the resources.

2.    Personal tutour available to help with any problems

When you sign up to a course online with my spanish courses online you will immediately be assigned your own personal tutor.  All of the my spanish course online tutors are highly trained and they have a lot of experience teaching Spanish online.  This one-to-one contact will allow you to grow in confidence as your teacher is only a click away and she/he can help  you to get over the difficulties which have originally stopped you improving in Spanish.

 Our teachers are also native speakers so they will be able to give you insights into developments in the Spanish language, culture and society. They will also be able to advise you about vocabulary and expressions in current use meaning that you will start to speak Spanish authentically like a Spaniard.

Our teachers also speak English and some of them speak other languages so this means you will always be able to communicate and overcome problems.

3.    An endless number of courses  at reasonable prices

My spanish courses online
offer a wide variety of different courses which all have clearly defined objectives. There is sure to be something to suit everybody whether you want to finally understand the differences between ser and estar, learn about the various past tenses and their uses or gain an insight into the hospitality industry in Spain studying the different aspects of this sector in-depth.

 Some courses also try to charge students an extortionate price in exchange for low quality materials. My spanish courses online guarantees competitively priced courses without compromising on the standard of teaching or the resources.

4.    Fully accredited courses

My spanish courses online is a partner of Schoolsandcourses which provides fully accredited Spanish courses. This means that the certificate you receive on completion of the course is well recognised and will help to enhance your CV when applying for jobs.

If you want to take advantage of these  and a whole host of other benefits contact us or consult our website to find out about our courses and prices.


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