Do you want to carry out a basic hospitality course to  prepare yourself to do an internship in the hotel or restaurant sector in Spain?However, do you not have the time to travel all the way to Spain?

 You are not alone. Nowadays we live in a more and more pressurised society with increasing commitments.  Before the invention of the internet you may have had to resort to an in-person course ,delivered in your own country, where the teachers may not be able to give you an authentic insight into the world of Spanish hospitality and tourism

However, now the solution to your problem is only a click away thanks to  a Basic Hospitality Course with my spanish courses online. This course combines the benefits not only of an online course but also of a complete, flexible hospitality course delivered by fully qualified teachers.

The Hospitality Course from my spanish courses online provides you with total flexibility. You can complete the course at your own pace and when you have the time. This means that it can easily be fitted around your other commitments whether you are studying or working.

Some courses also only provide a very basic outline of the Spanish hospitality sector.  This course although entitled “basic” is fully complete and is divided into 7 modules.  These modules structure the course starting with an overview of the hospitality sector and tourism in Spain before moving on to a more detailed examination of the different establishments and other topics related to this sector.

 This top-down approach makes sure that students are eased into the course and are not bombarded with too much information all in one go.

Everything you would need to consider when working in this sector is considered from marketing to legal aspects.

 The first module outlines customs and information relevant to the tourism and hospitality sector in Spain including the climate and sport. The next module  discusses tourism in general in Spain studying how it has affected Spain and the types of establishments which make up the hospitality sector particularly focussing on hotels.

 The third module examines hotels in more detail studying the departments with the most labour demand from  reception to housekeeping. The next module moves away from hotels to investigate another important hospitality establishment,restaurants with headings including wine service and pairing, the dining room and the kitchen.

Then the course moves on to equipping students with a basic knowledge of cooking with tools and cooking techniques being among the topics covered.  The penultimate   module focuses on cafeterias and bars studying food , drink , breakfasts and snacks served in these establishments. The penultimate module focuses  on looking at Spanish gastronomy in-depth.  

With my spanish courses online as well as this fully complete course you also get access to your own virtual classroom . This  learning space will allow you to keep in regular contact with your teacher. The virtual classrooms also provides lots of free resources such as articles and reference books so that you can practice your Spanish and expand your knowledge whilst carrying out the course. You can also engage in self-evaluation using the exercises provided  going over any difficulties with your teacher.

In conclusion, do not let your busy schedule get in the way of enjoying a fantastic, cheap, complete and high quality basic hospitality course from my spanish courses online. Log on to our website to investigate our offers and courses. You will not regret it!


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