My name is Sam and I am from New Zealand.

For many years I have wanted to visit Spain and spend some time there, but as well as touring, I wanted to discover the Spanish culture in a little more depth and for me, this has to be connected to the cuisine.

I heard that Spain has a long culinary tradition, which has plenty of traditional dishes not only “national” but also regional and that ultimately, its cooking is considered to be one of the best in the world. So, I decided that a good way to get close to that world would be by making a “Gastronomic route” during my stay in Spain.

A few months before I started my journey, I did the Hospitality course and the truth is that I was positively surprised: I learnt about the Mediterannean Diet, typical produce and even wine. And all of this has made me want to come to Spain, feeling more eager to start eating!

The gastronomic route was fantastic. It was to the north of the country and although I loved each of the delights I tasted, my favourites were the homemade dishes, which are less well known by tourists, but with a large tradition and a flavour that –as with all tastes, cannot be described. For example, the “fabada asturiana”, which I had never heard of before and the “arroz con leche”, are among my favourites.

The next time I return to Spain, I would like to work for some time in a restaurant. I want to bring to my kitchen in Auckland, a bit of Spanish cuisine.


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