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Diploma, Accreditation & Job vacancies


At the end of any of the courses offered in the Virtual Classroom, you will obtain an accredited diploma which you can download from a certain application or we will send it to you by post to the given address.

For that, it is necessary that you satisfactorily complete the activities and exercises accompanying the course and that your tutor checks that they have been conducted according to what has been learnt.


My Spanish courses online is the initiative of Schools & Courses S.L. We are closely linked to teaching Spanish as a foreign language and the organization of educational programs of internships in companies and linguistic stays in Spain and in other European countries. We offer our services through Schools & Courses, Closeteachers and European Internships.

Schools & Courses S.L. collaborate with Spanish and international universities, so if you wish to continue your training in any of these, you can obtain credits and other exclusive advantages. In the guide for each course you can obtain the detailed information of these possibilities.

Schools & Courses S.L. frequently participates in international fairs like NAFSA and EXPOLINGUA, ACTFL and collaborates regularly with international universities and schools.

Job vacancies

Schools & Courses S.L. provide job vacancies which allow students who have completed one of the courses successfully to access the job offers related to the contents of the course. The job offers might be either related or not, at the headquarters or in associate companies and partners.

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